Time for repair the railway!
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NEXT STOP is a game that will send you on a trip down a railroad, which needs to be pulled
up from dilapidation and defended against a bank that wants to lay hands on it to offset its debts.
By making a lot of stops, you can repair and build up all damaged parts of the railroad,
but you need to ensure that you have enough resources.

Trade and train passage on your reviving railroad will bring you a substantial income.


windows windows storemac ipad 


No additional fees within the game. Just buy it and play!

- 40 varied levels

- Bonus: city-building
- Enhanced graphics
- Varied objectives
- Relaxed mode: play without a timer.
Minimum System Requirements:

- Win XP / Vista / Win7/ Win8 / Win10 / Mac OS / iPad
- Processor speed: 1.6GHz (x86, 64bit)
- RAM: 1024MB
- Hard drive space (uncompressed): 250 MB
- Graphics Card: 128 MB

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